gramma, oils on canvas (80x64cm)

Martyna, acrylics & oils on canvas (60x90cm)

Jolene, oils on canvas (60x73cm)

Conceptual piece made for Pint of Science event (via Creative Reactions). Exhibition was hosted in Greenbank, Bristol.

The artwork was based on the research done by our assigned scientist, Dr Conor Houghton from University of Bristol, whose area of research is Computational and Mathematical Neuroscience. Our group has been comprised of three artists: Roberta Dimana ( ), Claudia Stocker ( ) and myself.

Size: 70x50cm
Medium: acrylics, pen and printed circuit boards
Model: Lucy Micciolo

Jolene, cans & acrylics on canvas (65x100cm)

Michal, cans & acrylics on canvas (70x100cm)

commissioned portrait, acrylics on paper

commisioned still life, oils on canvas Ps. booooring! :)
the only thing I like about this still life is experimenting with leaving the blank canvas space (untouched by paint) all around the meowy staffage (the cat;) and on the left side wall

Daniel, watercolors on paper

commissioned portrait, J&K, oils on canvas (80x55cm)

commissioned cityscape, oils on canvas

Magda, oils on canvas (progress)